Qigong literally means “Life energy cultivation”  caring for our vital energy.

The different spellings for this practice-

Qigong;  qi gong: Chi kung; chigong.

Qi or Chi means  “life energy”   – the circulating life force whose existence and properties are the basis of much Chinese Philosophy and medicine. ( Oxford english dictionary).

Gong or Kung –  translates as a skill,  an accomplishment, even a job of work or something of merit.

Qigong combines coordinated body posture and movement, with breathing and meditation. It is practiced  for health and well being, it can also be part of the training for Internal Martial Arts.

In the classes we work with some of the simple forms and sequences as well as some of the more complex forms of Qigong to benefit all students for their well being.

An exercise system based on Traditional Chinese Medicine and Chinese Philosphy which  benefits the whole person. Qigong – an exercise system based on Traditional Chinese Medicine and Chinese Philosphy – benefits the whole person.
Physically – improves our balance; gives a good sense of rootedness; and releases stagnation that builds up in the body, arrests the natural flow of vital fluids, and restricts the structural working aspects.
Emotionally – releases pent up feelings and helps us to be responsive and spontaneous with our expressions.
Mentally – with the physical movements and exercises, the mental aspect of our being is taught to be present and mindful of what we are doing, arresting and slowing the endless thought processes.
Spiritually –  a sense of completeness develops awareness of all that surrounds us.

Some of the many Qigong sequences we practise –

  • Zhan Zhuang – standing firm stances
  • Crane Qigong
  • 18 Style T’ai Chi Qigong
  • Wu Qin Xi  – Five Animal Play
  • Liu Zi Jue – Six Sounds Qigong

Carol will also lead work that explores the 3 Treasurers; Qi Jing and Shen. There are also hundreds more exercises for specific conditions and for general health.