Qigong literally means “Life energy cultivation”  caring for our vital energy, our Qi which from the viewpoint of Traditional Chinese Medicine fills and courses around our bodies.

Practising Qigong helps to unblock  blockages in our bodies, nurtures the Qi to improve its quality, attempts to help it restore to levels we experienced when young. Makes us stronger with more vitality, increases suppleness and flexability; help improve mental alertness and spontaneity. It helps us to balance our emotional expressions and works strongly to create a sense of general whole well being.

You will and can see many different spellings for this practice-

Qigong;  qi gong: Chi kung; chigung.

Qi or Chi means  “life energy”   – the circulating life force whose existence and properties are the basis of much Chinese Philosophy and medicine. ( Oxford english dictionary).

Gong or Kung –  translates as a skill,  an accomplishment, even a job of work or something of merit.

Qigong combines coordinated body posture and movement, with breathing and meditation. It is practiced  for health and well being it can also be part of the training for Internal Martial Arts. It is said to assist in a complete  awareness through our whole being – through the 4 levels –  Physical: Emotional; Mental and Spiritual.  (see the news page for a more detailed decription). The translation of the word Spiritual to our Western minds is challenging as we relate any level of spirituality with religion. A truer translation would be our connection to all else and everywhere and everything in the universe.

In the classes we work with some of the simple forms and sequences as well as some of the more complex forms of Qigong to benefit all students for their well being.

The foundation of Qigong is Traditional Chinese Medicine which views the human body and the human condition as being made up  of and driven by Qi. Made up by different manifestions of Qi, and Qi being the life force, created at conception that powers us through our lives.

Some of the many Qigong sequences we practise –

  • Zhan Zhuang – standing firm stances
  • Crane Qigong
  • 18 Style T’ai Chi Qigong
  • Wu Qin Xi  – Five Animal Play
  • Liu Zi Jue – Six Sounds Qigong

Carol will also lead work that explores the 3 Treasurers; Qi Jing and Shen. There are also hundreds more exercises for specific conditions and for general health.