Chinese Health Arts

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T’ai Ji Quan is Mindfulness in Motion

Qigong translates as ‘Life Energy Cultivation’.

Carol Wrigley runs classes in the North Suffolk coastal area, and has worked with many hundreds of people. You can read more about her on her biography page.

Information on regular classes and their venues can be found here



An exercise system based on Traditional Chinese Medicine and Chinese Philosphy  benefits the whole person

Qigong combines coordinated body postures and movement with breathing and meditation. It is practiced  for health and well being, it can also be part of the training for Internal Martial Arts. Please go to Qigong tab in Menu for more information.


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Forthcoming Workshops

 T’ai Ji and Qigong Summer School  2019

15th – 18th July 2018   10.00am -4.00pm  

£120.00 for 4 days.

Venue Old Laurentians Rugby Club, Bilton, Rugby CV22 &QT

Instructors David Lomer, Lindsey Cox and Carol Wrigley – all senior teachers of the Nei Chia Association and are on the British Register of Complementary Medicine.

Please contact David on